Tuesday, 19 May 2009


sometimes you think you are winning something and in reality, you are loosing, .... and vice versa, sometimes nothing is too important, sometimes you meet someone and his/her life is so complicated that you have to discard the case because of its impossibility, sometimes your life is so complicated that giving time becomes a sin sometimes you don't want any more what you've achieved under a lot of effort, sometimes we fall in love and other times, we think we fall in love, sometimes nothing is too much and too much is nothing, sometimes I miss something so much that I never tell it, sometimes I understand the situation a bit later of my reaction, and when I do that, I don't know how to bear with it, sometimes everything is complicated and dramatic, others, simple and serene, sometimes I look inwards and I just find fog... sometimes the only thing you can hear is a bunch of dreams leaving you, sometimes anything matters, sometimes I am myself, and others, ... I am not, sometimes I feel free, ... and it's the best sensation ever


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