Sunday, 23 August 2009

What is LOVE?

This is a French cartoon posted in YouTube by Pearl714,"A quoi ca sert l'amour". A man and a woman and their love madness: They love, they date, they hurt, they fight, they meet again, they fall in love... in its pure madness.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

My cat

These two drawings are of my cat, Rasta.

I can't bring my cat from Spain to London because is unbelievably expensive, with exhausting bureaucracy, for me and for the cat, and a journey full of difficulties, which at the end of the day, the cat has to suffer as well. Is just a cat!!!

The process to bring your cat to England is like if the cat is a suspect of terrorism... and even I have to be pleased, because years ago, pets traveling to UK had to spend a few months on quarantine, in a cage, somewhere Grey.

I'm upset, what can I say, because of that, and other things as well.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

What goes round comes round

This image is a scene of a part of a garden of a house I lived in. This tree is a Holm oak (encina), and our garden had 38 of those trees. The garden was organized within the trees placement and the house was built in order to have the field containing as much of these trees as possible. My mother planted loads of aromatic bushes and flowers and we left the main field with the majority of trees creating a small Holm oak forest, where we had a hammock in between 2 trees and was the best place for reading, relaxing or drinking a refreshment. The garden was decorated with sporadic pots and amphora like pitchers, as you can see in the drawing, and the paths were delimited with small rocks put in a line drawing the garden's natural shapes. We also had a pond with aquatic plants and small fishes.
We had to sell the house. We accepted an offer of a guy with gold necklaces and rings. We said the condition to sell the house was to protect these trees, which they are classified as protected trees. He accepted, although, he said he will remove a couple of them by being transplanted to another place so he could get more light in the house. Everyone was happy. The house was sold.
My family left to live away and I moved to another house in the same area. A month later, in mid summer, they called me to go there and collect the post. I went to the house, and at first sight, I saw the wood piled up by the front wall. I thought they should be very organized as it was too early to buy wood at that time of the year. When I turned my eyes to the garden I felt my heart stopping out of a sudden.

The field was bare.

The trees were ALL cut, but 4 trees displaced at the corners of the field, and the plants were left to die of drought. 34 Holm oaks.

All the memories were slaughtered in a blink inside my heart, too.

I built a painful knot in my throat and my eyes started to water. The knot affected my breath and adrenaline was flushing through my veins. A classic liar, another bastard. The kind of people you'd like them to disappear from the surface of Earth. All those years caring about something, building it, loving it, shaping it in the tremendous slowness that nature is typical of, ... everything was destroyed now, in a few weeks. The last kind of people you would like to sell your home: the ones are going to destroy it. With my stomach pulled I walked towards his door. I knocked his door. He opened the door. 'Oh, yes, the post... here it is!', he told me with a smile.
The rage I was feeling in those moments was clouding my speech and I didn't really know how to say what I wanted to say. How upset I was. How impotent I felt. I took the post with my both hands, and I looked into his eyes. Tears of rage were falling down my cheeks while I inquired him he lied to us, that he was a bastard and never again I will be pleased to talk to him or his wife, because he was a man without WORD, and that is one of the most disgusting aspects of man.
I turned around and left. He called me later, trying to make me understand that they wanted to live their dreams too and to create their space too, and to built their home as well. He said the house was theirs and therefore, they could do with it what they wanted; it was their property now. Nevertheless, for me, it doesn't forgive him for lying in the deal, when it was so clear, when we had other buyers that loved it as it was, but needed more time to get the money. Who created all this tension? Them, because of lying to get the house as soon as possible? Or us, because we couldn't wait to the other people for over a month to sell the house? When you have a buyer, you sell, isn't it?

Since then, every time I had to pass by the house the knot, the rage and the stomach pulled in aroused in my feelings. I always wished to have the courage to punch the wheels of his car, to draw a graffiti on his fence, or similar stuff that I daydreamed while I passed by. I never did anything. I lived my life and moved on.

Now, 6 or 7 years later, some rumors come to my ears. The house is going to be repossessed by the bank as they can't pay the mortgage, they had arguments and fights with home services suppliers because of not paying bills since a year ago, and the house looks abandoned and very deteriorated. It seems is not their home anymore either.

But I don't care anymore. Or should I dress up like a devil, toast wine with my friends and laugh about them? Anyway, I let the universe do the job. I can build my home everywhere I go, as beautiful as I want, and with all the patience is needed to, a good stateless. ;)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Free will at Mind

We can't change certain things, but we can change the way they affect to us,
despite how circumstances and experiences have shaped our characters,
there's always something about ourselves that we are able to choose...
We can choose up to which point the situations we go through are affecting us,
and we can choose the responses we give to them...
how we walk in the world, how we listen,
how we say things, how we express out there...
how we wait, how we surrender, how we win...

Monday, 10 August 2009

The Gypsy

Her only home was her people
changing landscapes taught her freedom

wisdom given by the stars at night
charming with her dance at sight

endless traveler broken hearted
wishing Love will come and find her

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Will and Love

Themes are will and love can reach the unreachable!
Sub themes... death, regeneration, continuity, challenge,
and achievement under extreme difficult circumstances.
Enjoy :)

Things tend to balance

When something happens,
another thing happens that compensates the other...
even when you don't realize at first time,
not necessarily what your ego would love to happen,
but just the necessary thing for getting you balanced again...
everything is connected
one thing leads to another

Thursday, 6 August 2009

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Sunday, 2 August 2009


1. Lack of clear or adequate communication.
2. An unclear or inadequate communication.

1. When you try to get someone closer and you put him/her away with what you say, even if you intentions where positive.

2. When the person who gets the message gets its completely wrong, or as an offense due is not receptive at that moment or is passing through a negative time...

3. When the person is not in the same vibe as you.

4. Because it wasn't the moment?

5. Because the person doesn't really care and everything before, that seemed to care, was all bullshit.

6. Because when this happens, it hurts a little bit. So after that, the misscommunication continues.

7. Because the other person simply doesn't want to communicate.

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