Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tribute to Richard Long

Bus 29 from Green Lanes to Camden Town. Tooth moment. Bloody gum.
Camden stables eating Chinese food. Walk in between still horses.
From the Stables to Primrose Hill.
Pub and half pint moment watching heavy rain beat the empty tables of the garden terrace. Photo moment.
The camera cannot catch the rain.
Walk to the park hanging around. Diana takes photos of small details. Usafis call regarding VIP upgrade for Green Card. Shop moment. Shell puller.
Boy moment Modern purchase: Futurism Com.
Walking from Primrose Hill to Camden Station through the canal. Pirate Castle. Laura calls. News are that the tent traveled to Scotia. Arrive to the station, walk 4528143 emergency steps, jump on the tube. Newspaper moment. London Paper, London Lite.
Change at Euston & get off at Notting Hill.
Walk from Notting Hill to Portobello.
Coffee moment. SMS moment.
Primi plomillo :-)
Primi chochillo :-x
Walk up the road to bus stop not in use but in use.
Primi con correa
La risa.
Laugh Out Loud
Sloane Square
L'Etoile, Waikiki and President.
Pink hydrangeas to flower-power church.
Walk through Holbein & Ebury towards Belgravia.
Arrive in Victoria. Trip sense moment.
Silencio by Ojos de Brujo.
Sin documentos
Puerto Rico by Vaya con Dios
My favourite tree is the Flamboyan.
Singing moment: Copa Rota. Milonga del Marinero y el Capitán.
Primi plomillo in her full splendor.
Arrive to Kings Road. Walk through the streets and sculptures. Saatchi Gallery.
Memories of Cordoba. Water sound moment.
Walk to Westminster.
Guard is afraid, but is closed. No bins: Can left on top of a box.
Big Ben. Walk by the river. Changing colours building: Dark pink, Green, Blue, Orange.
Boats & Dark Water. R.S. Hispaniola
Tourists ask for directions.
Walk towards Charing Cross.
Rubén is playing cajón in the streets with other musicians. Arabic rhythms.
Ya Rayah, a song I danced so many times.
Pizza moment. All in halves.
Walk to Trafalgar Square. Get on Bus 29.
Bus moment. Boy with bendy bike. Lovers lost in between many solitaires.
Lights through the windows.
Thinking moment. Relax.
Arrive to Green Lanes.
Writing moment. Cars humming in the streets.
Thinking moment. Relax.
Diana sleeps.
The day rests.


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