Monday, 13 July 2009

Theatre: Pay as much as we're worth

Third person Theatre Company performed at The Roebuck last night, as part of the London Bridge Festival. They create plays 'on the go' through improvisation, with a beginning, a development and an end. It's not as usual forms of improvisation where the audience is involved by proposing a theme to start, (like Imprevis) but themselves establish a theme and they develop the characters and the story line *live*, linking what they have improvised from the start.

Pay as much as we're worth is their suggestion, once you've seen the show. Pay little if worths little and much if worths loads. Certainly these things of improvisation can be really good and sometimes really flat. They work in a more paused way as I'm used to see in improvisation. Yesterday's play was about relationships in many different stages through 7 characters. So it started with a couple of scenes, followed by short monologues which placed the characters on a moment of their lives and telling something about their background and personality, and then the play followed. It was dynamic with loads of scenes, but at the end I found it took sometimes long time, which is the risk you take when things are not set up sharply, so the scenes can vary in length... I would like have seen more 'passion' or energy also... Overall, it was good experience. I enjoyed it.


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