Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Feather - 3

The Feather - 1
The Feather - 2

-'We are here! In the garden!', her mum shouted from the other side of the house.
-'We found a treasure! Look! A metallic feather!', she shouted excited while she was running across the house to the garden, where her parents were reading newspapers under the sun of the evening.
She started to tell the whole story, half babbling, excited, with her eyes very open about her findings in the forest. She showed them the feather, and her father looked at it impressed of the strange object. He grabbed it and looked at it closer. The feather reflected the light of the dying sun and it changed colours with the iridescence.
-'And you can listen to it! It has music! Listen!, so they all got quiet to listen. The breeze waved the feather gently and a very low sound came from it, yet audible for the three of them...
-'This is amazing!', her father said, 'It seems to be made of metal, but, how is possible? metal doesn't have this movement properties..., and I can't really explain the sound at all'
-'Let me see?...', she grabbed it and looked at it very observant, 'We can take it to the laboratory to study it and see what is made of', her mother said, 'In the main time, have a shower, as we are going to have dinner soon'.

After dinner Luna was told to go to bed. She was so excited about 'the treasure' she couldn't stop talking about it. Her parents kissed her forehead lovingly, once she got into bed.
-'Now sleep, so tomorrow we'll find out more of it', her mother whispered. She sighted and with a smile, she closed her eyes. Her parents switched off the light and left the room. It took a while to fall asleep thinking about her little adventure, but eventually she fall in a deep dream...

She awoke gently by a voice calling her name, it was a soft singing voice. She opened her eyes and she found herself laying in a field of grass under a soft light. The field covered the whole horizon line and a cool breeze blew her hair softly bringing words from the distance. Shila was happily running around. She looked around and felt scared not knowing exactly how she got there. She breathed deeply and listened to the words coming from the breeze... 'Luna, ...Luna'.

All of a sudden, Shila barked and stared at a hill in the distance. Luna realized it was the direction the breeze and sound were coming from. She turned around and looked in the distance. There was something bright on the top of the hill, but she couldn't figured out what was it. Shila run towards it and Luna shout her name to stop her and remain with her, but the dog run fast across the field towards the bright light. She heard the soft voice once again 'Luna, ...don't be scared'. The brightness started to move towards her slowly coming down the hill, and while it was getting closer started to get some shape. Shila reached the shape and started to walk side by side with it towards her. The closer it got, the clearer it turned. It was a big thing in comparison with the size of Shila, but for some reason she was feeling calm. When the shiny figure was at a certain distance it started to take the shape of a horse. Luna realized that the horse was like the feather, the iridescences run through its body in such a beautiful way. The beautiful horse stopped in front of her and with bright blue eyes he looked at her lovingly. 'My name is Altai', the words came out of him, but she couldn't see he was moving the mouth to pronounce them... She looked at him for a moment intrigued and smiled, 'I'm Luna, and this is my dog, Shila'. Altai neighed softly, like if it was a soft laugh, and said, 'I know, I was expecting both of you...'.

To be continued...


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