Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Searcher

Barco / Boat

Hombre trípedo / Hombre en movimiento

Caminante sin destino aparente, con un sinfín de ideas mutantes,
ensombrecido en la búsqueda de un ideal que cae, resurge y vuelve a caer,
que juega y fallece y vuelve una vez más, a hacer cosquillas a esas ideas,
esos sueños de grandes paisajes que avivan el monótono andar de la vida en la ciudad...
de sus gentes, sus palabras perdidas en la lluvia, dragadas en los subterráneos del olvido,
para recordar, cada día, al amanecer, el calor de un alma viva y en movimiento,
el candor de un deseo que, cual combustible, arranca una sonrisa, cómplice de vida.  

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


These hands are footprints of an x ray sketch,
which has viewed the inside hollow of the sorrow,
with no more dead skin than in my borough,
birds and horses have been fetched,
without reason and not for wanting something else, 
hands up, bastard, you're gonna quench my thirst,
bloody nonsense, it's for something else,
slashed dash, smooth soothe,
smile at the smile, I can see it from a mile,
incredulity at your eyes,
the lips towards its final destination,
book of lotsense in modification...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Face of Thoughts

I just cooked a lot of IFs.
I condimented them with BUTs.
Stirring them with sighs...

Candles with the shape "?"
lighten up the table...

I dressed it up with my best thoughts,
and sprinkled some fantasies on top...
They look like freckles under the sun of midday
or like a stolen smooth kiss by a dark doorway...

And I stared at the "?"s on the table,
and tried to look into my partner's face,
but he turned to be just a blurred shade,
when letters appeared in the steam itself.

Letters turned into full words,
and words into right answers...
Suddenly I started to hear something...
later realizing my heart was whispering!

At first it was indeterminate nonsense,
then, it turned into comprehensible truth...
And the candles on the table melted,
turning from "?" shape into "!" shape... 


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Lust for interests

She looks for meaning. He looks for action.

She looks for complicity. He looks for companionship.

She looks for sensitivity. He looks for sensuality.

She looks for protection. He looks for loyalty.

Black & White. White & Black.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Lady in Blue

She looks fragile in her skinny shape,

under a relentless sun in the sky,

wandering a vast empty space,

fate and dreams pass by...

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