Friday, 8 May 2009

The Golden Boy

I was working as a GA in an outside gallery, and there was a blond kid with a red T-shirt was looking at the installation of red contemporary sculptures which were forming structures. I was distracted by this kid and suddenly we started to have a mental conversation... He told me he had an illness related with breath.
Someone came to relieve me and I started to chat with that person when suddenly I saw an old friend. All of a sudden a strange man substituted our supervisor who seemed not to know very much of the system we were organized. He looked a bit lost.
I saw that the parents of the kid were leaving the space and the kid looked at me and told me serious and serene: 'What impresses me the most of life is that I'll never get to see what you have seen, as I will die soon because of my illness, I can't breath...'.
The parents were looking for him and they finally spotted him, but they didn't hear what he told me.
Soon after that the weather turned pretty ugly, there was heavy rain... I looked at the window and suddenly, the space changed. Now I was in a big red sailing boat. I went to the prow and looked to the sea. We were reaching a port that had been destroyed, and the pieces were obstructing the way to access. I started shouting and warning about the danger, and the supervisor came. I explained the situation and suggested he should turn the boat a few degrees otherwise we would wreck. The boat was sailing pretty fast and the people from the land who was watching us was quite altered. The captain turned the bout, but was too late and we wrecked at the entrance of the port. We could see all the people agitated, and the people of our bout were shouting and trying to save their lives. The bad weather turned to a better one. The storm passed away. I managed to get out of the boat, reach port and started to walk through the maritime walk. I walked until I found a black tent. I went inside the tent and I found a friend there was long time I haven't seen, and which I was very attached for many years. He looked pale and serious, and he seemed unaware of my entrance. I was very surprised to find him there and I approached to him, I tried to hug him, but he didn't answered or react. He was as cold as ice. I asked him if he didn't recognized me. He seemed to make a minimal gesture, and seemed to be positive, but he was like blocked. From the tent, I looked to the port and I could see the people trying to govern more boats that had a similar problems to the one I was. He suddenly recognized me and started to speak to me slowly:'They all die... only my father is alive... Everything is lost...', I told him that I was going to be with him and together we could go over it, that I would support him.
Suddenly the strong wind blew the tent and left it shrugged to a side. People arrived and they wanted to occupy the space were the tent was. My friend suddenly started to loose that sparkle of life he had with me with all that fuss. I took the tent and put it how it was, but the wind blew inside the tent, throwing corks, sand and leaves into the air, getting into my mouth, until I couldn't breath any more...


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