Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Today I woke up early, had a shower, a coffee and dressed in blue, just as much blue as I could find in my wardrobe.

Blue socks, blue tights, blue skirt, blue top, blue cardigan, even blue knickers ... but blue bra, as I don't have one.

Isn't amazing that colour? I had the chance to guard an original IKB at the Barbican in the show Colour After Klein. I enjoyed looking at it for several ays during the exhibition. Although, this was the last exhibition I attended over there, as I was caught with a book on pose, and sacked due to that, 'to keep the discipline in the gallery'. It was The New Hudson Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, an edition from 1911 I found in one of those second hand bookstores from Portobello Road at the cost of £1. The cover is also blue, by the way... I was trying to read it, to be honest, but I couldn't fully understand it due the stage my English was at those moments. I remember dreaming about Donald Judd's 'Untitled' (c.1990): I climb it and appear in a parallel world away from the boring stillness and silence of the gallery.

I haven't replied to his invite. He must feel rejected. I should feel guilty. But, really, I don't have the energy for a Chas number 2.

I rather dress blue, like deep International Klein Blue... and answer some emails from friends I've been postponing painfully.

And buy a kettle in Argos... as the one we had, is broken now.

So today, I'm blue, but happy... and reestablishing connections...



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